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Exploring the highlights of South Tyrol

Discovering the most beautiful spots in the country

Our guests appreciate Val Martello because of its beautiful nature, its dreaminess and its proximity to the hot-spots of Val Martello and the Merano region. From here you can visit the most beautiful destinations - enjoy!

Val Martello is your ideal holiday destination to escape the daily stress. Its peace and natural landscape calm your thoughts and fill you with new energy. Val Martello is also in an ideal location for explorations of the wider environment.

Spa town Merano

Merano fascinates with its Mediterranean climate, Alpine landscape and numerous attractions. Culture vultures can visit the many attractions in Merano, ranging from museums, the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle and the Kränzelhof maze gardens to Castel Tirolo and the historic centre of the spa town.

Juval Castle

Juval Castle at the entrance to Val Senales is the residence of mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner and location of one of his MMMs – Messner Mountain Museums. MMM Juval is dedicated to the magic of mountains. It also offers a small zoo for mountain animals, home-grown products in the Gasthaus Schlosswirt restaurant, excellent wines in the Unterortl vineyard and a farm shop at the foot of the castle hill.

Coira Castle

Coira Castle’s armoury is of world-wide renown: It is the largest collection of its kind and it contains over 50 custom-made suits of armour belonging to the owners of the castle of incomparably valuable artistic design.


With just 900 inhabitants Glorenza is one of the smallest towns in the Alps. A special characteristic of this town are the completely preserved city walls. In the times of the Romans Glorenza was already an important town where the Via Claudia Augusta and the trading route to nearby Switzerland intersected.

Marienberg Abbey

Marienberg Abbey is situated above Burgusio at 1,350 m. It is one of the highest Benedictine Abbeys in Europe. The crypt houses a cycle of frescoes dating back to 1175-1180. Inside a museum a film offers insights into daily life in the monastery.

Stelvio Pass

At an altitude of 2,757 m Stelvio Pass is the highest mountain pass in Italy. It links Bormio in Lombardy with Val Venosta. The road with an incline of 7-15% has 82 bends over 49 km, 48 on the South Tyrolean side and 34 in Lombardy. The road represents an incredible pioneering achievement that was started during the reign of Austrian Emperor Franz in 1818 and completed in only 7 years. In 1990 the road was extended to accommodate cars. The pass route is generally open from the end of May to the end of November.

Paths along the irrigation channels

Val Venosta always suffered from a scarcity of water. Because of this a complex irrigation canal system called “Waale” was developed. The Waale was controlled by officials , who also opened the locks. Paths were built along the irrigation channels. These paths are still the most popular hiking paths in South Tyrol.