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Val Martello in South Tyrol

Nature. Peace. Relaxation. Slowing down.

Val Martello invites with stunning nature, a preserved environment and tranquillity. Here, in this enchanting region, you can switch off, recharge your batteries and breathe again.

Val Martello is a dreamy valley in Val Venosta in the West of South Tyrol. The valley, which is renowned for its tasty mountain strawberries, is unspoilt, idyllic and quiet. It’s easy to relax in its beautiful nature and fresh mountain air.

Strawberry valley Val Martello

The strawberry valley Val Martello with altitudes of 900 to 1,800 m is the highest single growing region of tasty mountain strawberries in Europe. On the last weekend in June South Tyroleans raise a glass to their strawberries during their annual South Tyrolean strawberry festival. In this region visitors can discover all there is to know about this red fruit.

Situated in Stelvio national park

Val Venosta is located in Stelvio national park and is one of the most beautiful side valleys of Val Venosta. Throughout the year the valley enchants with its natural landscape, tranquillity and idyllic setting. The national park house culturamartell is a modern local history museum showcasing the farming tradition. In the summer months, guided tours of the farm, the mill and guided hikes are available.

Home of the bearded vulture

Once, the bearded vulture lived in Val Martello, then the bird disappeared. Between 2000 and 2008 11 young bearded vultures were released into the wild and have hatched a few chicks. Today, the bearded vulture flies once more through Val Martello.

Holiday from allergies

The altitude of Val Martello is ideal for allergy sufferers. The air is free from house dust mites and from hazel, birch and willow pollen.

Spring, summer and autumn

In the warm season hikers in Val Martello have plenty to smile about. The valley and Stelvio national park are a beautiful hiking region with unique plant- and wildlife, fantastic mountains above 3000 m and attractive mountain destinations.

Gentle winter fun

In winter Val Martello is a popular holiday destination for cross country skiers and biathletes, snowshoe hikers and ski tourers. Here you enjoy gentle winter fun in a unique natural landscape.